Hi Sissies, thought today would be a non-training day? No Way! Here is your sissy assignment for the day. Although you might think it a bit challenging or might be somewhat tempted to bypass it, don’t. Every challenge, every hurdle you overcome will get you closer to your end-goal to become feminized and serve your Mistress properly. So, take action.

This sissy boi training task will require that you get all dressed up in your best sissy boi outfit. Once you have a full set of makeup, along with perfect hair and outfit on, you will snap a picture of yourself with your prepaid phone. You will then need to send the picture of yourself to at least 10 random phone numbers. Next, you will sit back and await the responses. See how many people you were able to fool into thinking you were a real woman.

Post the results of your assignment below this blog post and complete ALL the assignments in my Ultimate Collection of Sissy Assignments.  You can also listen to the assignments in audiobook format.


Mistress Dede

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