Welcome to today’s sissy assignment.

This week, you are going to begin your sissy period training. You will need to mark today and every day the same day each month on your home calendar as well as your work calendar with a pretty little heart. You are then to mark 5 days after today with another little heart, marking the end of your period. Just like a real woman, for five days a month, you will not be allowed to cum or even touch yourself in a sexual manner. When showering, you should have no hand contact with yourself. Instead, you will use a wash cloth to clean yourself.

Continuing your sissy training means you must implement some of these sissy tasks into your daily, weekly, and monthly life. Becoming a true sissy boi requires lots of practice, patience, perseverance, and faith in your Mistress/Master to guide you. It can be a long road to your sissy transformation but, in the end, you will be rewarded with the fact that you are truly who you want to be.

Remember, you must practice daily if you want to become the docile, feminine and helpful sissy your Mistress desires. Keep yourself in top form by performing ALL the assignments in my Ultimate Collection of Sissy Assignments.  You can also listen to the assignments in audiobook format.


Mistress Dede

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