Hi sissies, it’s a new day and a new opportunity to train and become even more feminized. Remember, achieving your dreams to the perfect sissy not only aims to please yourself but to satisfy the demands of your Mistress. Pleasing her should be your main objective in life and making sure you live up to her expectations.

Today’s training assignment will require you to get all dressed up and get onto an online video chat with someone. Tell them all about how you want to suck their cock as you jerk yourself off. Talk to them about how you enjoy dressing in women’s clothing, taking it in the ass, and sucking men’s cocks. You should let them know how much you want to suck their big manly cock. Your sissy boi task will be complete once you are able to make yourself cum simply by talking to your new online friend.

Post the results of your assignment below this blog post and complete ALL the assignments in my Ultimate Collection of Sissy Assignments.  You can also listen to the assignments in audiobook format.


Mistress Dede

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