1. Control the orgasm (when, where, how, how many, intensity, etc.) and you will control the submissive.

2. To make any scenario or fantasy work correctly, you must instill some form of suspense in the submissive partner (or at least build up to it).

3. Start with stimulation, add some frustration, mix in some service and you have submission.

4. All submissives will, at one point or another, try to get away with something. They will test your limits and push the boundaries of your rules. Never let them get away with it; they need firmness, punishment, and no-nonsense attitudes.

5. Unless they are a masochist, physical pain cannot make a submissive submit. It is just as much about them as it is you but in two totally different roles.

6. The more aroused someone is, the more physical pain they can endure (this, doesn’t mean go full force on someone, but you can increase intensity based on their arousal levels).

7. The more you are able to psychologically keep your submissive in line, the less physical dominance you will need to exert on them.

8. Punishment are a unique balance between duration and intensity. Pain that is more intense should not last as long as less intense pain administered for longer periods of time.

9. Submission doesn’t happen overnight. With constant teaching, punishment, firmness, control, and the like, you will make him more submissive with each passing session. It is a learning curve for you both and as long as you are consistent, you will get results.

10. Your control and your pleasure as a Mistress are intertwined with his ability to be submissive and pleasure you.

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Mistress Dede