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Good Evening Mistress,

I was married at 21 a few months passed by and one night my then wife was sobbing in the bathroom, when I asked “what’s wrong?” nothing could of prepared me for her reply ” Why is it that i fell for a guy with the smallest cock” for some unknown reason i was not offended by her comment and consoled her and said “why don’t you descreetly have some fun with a bigger cock? I know now this was the start of me finding my true purpose in life as a Submissive Beta Sissy Faggot! For the next few months my role was licking her clit whist she told me about her love of big cocks. And then it happened… whilst licking her she told me she had been seeing a guy with a big thick veiny cock with a massive helmet and then orgasmed! I felt totally used! “Don’t worry she told me! my perants would kill me if they found out, Like you said Discreetly” 7 months passed and one evening just after she arrived home from work she asked me to lick her clit! She moaned and said how amazing her lover was, and how for the last few months he had been cumming inside her pussy without a condom, and she had found out a couple of days ago she was pregnant with his baby! I was still licking her and then she said mentioned with very heavy breathing “I wanted you licking me pretty much when i got in from work, because less than an hour ago he had filled her full of cum!” Omg she orgasmed like never before! An hour later she said she was going to our local shop, and she never came back!

I have always had Bi thoughts in secret! but how could i be devastated my then wife had left me, and in such a manner, my clitty was dribbling cum as all that mattered was id just tasted my first cum from another man!
I then realized I craved her humiliation of me and her cruel words, and i also knew I was a cum slut! Cutting a long story short I decided to move out of the area for awhile. In a nut shell a mature couple in there early 50’s Retred, in part as the husband sold his company for and undisclosed small fortune and over a few years his wife got a couple of boob jobs, Face lift. you name it she had it! Unfortunately she felt more and more like a sexual object! He was Bi with a massive cock! She embraced my submissive side and dressed me up etc… She was happy to show off her body and me to service him! lol! However she would not have put up with another woman in my role! Also lol I know that he would have never entertained me if I had had a decent sized cock!

After being….i now on reflection call myself his “Cumdumpster” he would take himself off to a daily round of golf etc… I had know idea how things would pan out but 5 months had past and i was still there, off he went to his beloved golf one day and I was summoned by the wife who told me he was off on a golfing holiday next month to Scotland! Do you think she said i could attract the attention of one or two younger guys, or be totally honest do you think i’m passed it! my response was “I love big cocks and lots of cum! I guarantee you any young guys thinking the opposite of me, for example huge boobs ect… would sell there granny down the river to get a chance to be with you! she told me to lie on the floor and basicly sat on my face and rubbed her clit very hard back and forth over my nose!!! I felt like I was drowning in her juices she was dripping that much! I knew then for the first time in my life I was totally submissive! I was Happy to be useful. and delighted they both had used me now! It does not matter in the slightest I found her mature pussy repulsive! and on the other hand absolutely loving her husband looking at his wife with his beautiful throbbing cock down my throat knowing I was just a sperm receptacle! I realized for the first time that I was being made to do something I did not want to do! I should have felt like this regarding my X wife and what i have told you! But I loved how i was treated!

A totally Submissive Sissy Faggot was born that day with the word gay possibly to be added at some point!Oh not to long after hubby came home from his golfing holiday, his plastic fantastic golf widow realizing a lot of young guys regard her as an absolute gorgeous milf! She dumped hubby and by all accounts took him to the cleaners! I was asked to leave a day after he was kicked out as “my services we’re no longer required” 8 months 24 days I lived with them!The wife’s parting words to me “Forget your pole just use your holes!
I have other stories… but my boi pussy is still to this very day a virgin! However I would take all the creampies in the world to be owned by a Mistress