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Hello mistress dede

today i experienced amazing thing. Today i have to to go to my hairdresser to cut my hair. I think about your feminization i have on myself mans clothes but under my short i have nice thong. One of them i send in last picture (zebra brown/white). It started normally hairdress (woman) cut my hair and when come time for pay i have my wallet in backpack. So i bent to find my wallet and my thongs appeared. She was just looking at me and she sad: ou really nice thongs you have, why you just don’t say you are a transvestite. If you want next time we can do your nails and eyebrows or womens haircut. I just say ok see you next time and go away. I don’t know when she know my secret i can go to her next time. This was my first experience with wearing women’s underwear outside.
Your sissy Monika.