Congratulations! If you have come this far and have followed the previous three steps thoroughly, it means you are really serious and committed to your feminization journey. It also means you have the discipline to accomplish harder tasks and continue advancing in this wonderful path you have chosen for yourself. Remember that from now on you are not only performing tasks and advancing your goals just for yourself, but you must also put your Mistress and guide at the forefront of your thoughts. Pleasing her must ultimately be your # 1 desire. Doing this will make you an even better sissy.

After having completed the last 3 steps, the 4th step will be rather an easy one but it is here that the most challenging part of your training will take place. In this step you should simply join Mistress Dede’s Academy by adding your email to her sissy student list. From this moment on, you will receive regular assignments, information, inspiration and other training material that will advance you further in your goal to be 100% completely feminized. Join Mistress Dede’s Academy HERE, and wait for the next communications. Welcome to your new life!


Mistress Dede