You must be excited to be advancing in your sissifcation journey and I hope you can already see the benefits of taking steps each day towards your ultimate feminization. By now you should have completed Steps 1 & 2 and should have some practice locking up your sissy clit and wearing your beautiful pink satin frilly panties 24/7. That means you are now in a better frame of mind to embrace your next feminization step. Step # 3 is where the fun really begins. It’s time to train and that means performing daily sissy tasks and challenging yourself to overcome your fears and insecurities as a sissy. Start practicing these sissy assignments and report to me as you complete each one. You are supposed to document your journey in writing as well as with pictures. Be sure to send regular updates after accomplishing and documenting each new task. Send your reports to Please note that this information might be shared with other sissies that are also undergoing training to serve as inspiration and help each other on the ultimate goal of complete feminization. Get the assignments HERE and start training & documenting your journey today!


Mistress Dede