Congratulations on completing Step # 1 of your feminization journey. You must be excited to have started taking steps towards your ultimate sissification and I hope that you are ready to continue getting more and more feminized each day. By now you should have completed Step # 1 and should have some practice making your unruly sissy clit stay caged up where it belongs. Step # 2 of your feminization process will require you to purchase a pair of pink, soft frilly sissy panties, preferably made of satin. You are to wear these under your clothes for work, while running errands and definitely when in the house, even if you have visitors over or are in the company of family and friends.

Since you will be wearing them daily and most likely soiling them A LOT, I recommend getting at least 7, one for each day of the week. You will have a few days to get this in place before you receive further directions. So, don’t procrastinate and do it now. Get your panties HERE.


Mistress Dede