Congratulations on beginning your feminization journey. I know how important this is in your life and how it can be intimidating at first to get started. Yet, this is a very exciting step in your life and tt is time to start taking action so you can achieve your ultimate goal of complete sissification. The first step is to lock up your sissy clit in a chastity cage so you begin to get accustomed to the uselessness of your man cock and start feeling like the girl you are meant to be. You must make a strong effort to wear it daily and refrain from masturbating or unlocking yourself if you feel the need to find relief.

From now on you must follow all the steps of your feminization process in order to get completely feminized. Take action on all the steps as you receive my instructions, and you will be amazed at the transformation that will take place in yourself and in your life! Get your chastity cage HERE today and start wearing it daily.


Mistress Dede