Taking care of yourself and your body is the first step in your sissy training. Once you start putting these things into practice you will feel more comfortable in your sissy maid skin. Working daily, weekly and monthly routines into your lifestyle will help you slowly become more feminized.

Start by setting your alarm clock an hour earlier than you normally wake up every day. On the first day get a pen and paper and stand in front of the mirror and look yourself over. What do you see that could be changed to be more feminine? Do you need to pluck that unsightly ear and nostril hair? Perhaps you need to clean the dirt from under your nails? Would a real woman have hair on her legs, or allow herself to leave the house without face and body lotion on?

Write down each item you see . This is not meant to make you feel bad about yourself but rather to show you what it is about yourself that is a masculine vibe rather than the more feminized version of yourself you desire. Now it’s time to set goals for yourself so you can make your wish of becoming a sissy maid a reality. Pin this list onto your bathroom mirror for reference.

Once you have determined the items you need to change, you should spend this extra hour every morning working on your personal appearance. Experiment with tweezing your eyebrows, grooming your facial hair, and resolving any of the issues on your newly compiled list. After a while you should become more familiar with each of these things and they will become easier. After a month, the time spent on these items should be lower and you can start to compile a daily routine for yourself. The important part is that you are taking steps to make yourself more feminized and womanly in appearance.

After completing this task, continue your sissy maid training. Check out Sissy Maid School.  You can also listen to the training in audiobook format.

Get to work, sissies!


Mistress Dede

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