Working hard for your Mistress is a quality that all serious sissies should develop. Putting yourself through rigorous training under the strict guidance of your Mistress and performing all assigned tasks will undoubtedly lead to your complete feminization and, ultimately, your happiness. It will give meaning to your entire life and your existence on this planet. Check out this sissy’s devoted training for inspiration. What he’s using for his training: Breast pump & sissy chastity cage.

Dear Mistress Dede,

It is genial to wear chastity cage and breast pump. I will wear them, all day long. With hormones and the maximum vacuum, I will have big or biggest boobs, after months of exercise and transformation.
Yes ! For you !
PS. I want to wear bras, panties …
I want to wear the plug, that I have called “horrific plug“.
Next time, I will want a vagina, between my legs (I have provisioned (big amount if) money for that (vaginoplasty) and for facial feminization).
With my new vagina, I dream to impale myself on a big dildo, during I caress my boobs, for your pleasure.