On most male chastity blogs you will find online contains discussions about sex. But you see, enforced chastity can actually get you a lot more sex, compared to men who are not into chastity. The whole point of the chastity game is the transfer of sexual control to the key holder, and that is you. Now, one of the keys for enforced male chastity to work out is through physical teasing. You can successfully create a satisfying sexual relationship with the use of chastity devices and physical teasing.

Using chastity devices in sexual roleplaying can actually turn your sexual frustrations into satisfying sexual experiences for the both of you. Chastity devices or sex toys for orgasm denial and control are quite popular these days as they are used for physical teasing. The main goal for using such devices would be the reward of cumming and it can be achieved by physically teasing your partner while he is wearing a chastity device.

Doing this can effectively heighten your partner’s psychological arousal, but prevents his arousal physically. This is because your partner will only be able to think of nothing but his penis and that you are in charge of it. Giving him orgasm denial and physical teasing with chastity devices will dramatically intensify your sexual foreplay and of course, everything that follows with it.

Chastity toys are very powerful tools you can make use for physically teasing your partner and then increasing his psychological arousal. They are but tools for erotic denial that can intensely raise the sexual pleasure of both of your experiences. The sexual stimulation brought on by these devices is so intense that some men use the device for extended periods of time.

However, the whole idea behind chastity toys is for them to be used for a short period of time to deny them of ejaculation and orgasm, so in the end they will be begging for release and usually ends in many positive attitude changes to your partner. This is the power that you hold as the key holder, as the one who is in charge of his sexual pleasure. Although at first it may seem cruel, chastity devices and physical teasing is a key component of the chastity game.

Each day that they don’t have an orgasm makes them feel like they are the victims of sexual torture, in which increases their desperation for release. This is the core of the entire chastity fantasy and it is done with physical but non-orgasmic teasing. Learning this technique is important for you as it is your role as the key holder. It is your obligation to set up your partner’s fantasies which in the end can result in quite a lot of satisfaction for both of you.

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Mistress Dede