Welcome to today’s X-rated sissy training exercise. Becoming a perfect little sissy boi is a difficult task that requires dedication, perseverance, and constant practice. After finishing this X-rated sissy assignment, you will be broken and fully accepting of anything and everything your Mistress/Master has you do to please them.

This sissy assignment will be a little more difficult. You will need to get online and go into a chat room dedicated to shemales. You will spend 10 minutes deciding which girl you like best and invite them to chat. You are to then video chat with the shemale for another 30 minutes while she teases you and makes you watch as she masturbates. You will not be permitted to cum or even touch yourself until after you have completely ended your conversation and you are alone once again.

Remember, you must practice daily if you want to become the docile, feminine and helpful sissy your Mistress desires. Keep yourself in top form by performing ALL the assignments in my Ultimate Collection of Sissy Assignments.  You can also listen to the assignments in audiobook format.

What are you waiting for? Get to work sissies!


Mistress Dede

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