All good Mistresses know that they also need to love themselves to be a good Mistress. It can be as simple as allowing yourself an extra ten minutes in bed on a Saturday morning, giving yourself an extra romp session with your current relationship, or going to the spa for a mani and pedi. When you don’t pamper and love yourself, you don’t feel much like a Mistress. Mistresses know that they are worthy of loving themselves and show themselves affection (we don’t mean go kissing the mirror, that’s just weird!).

Never lie to yourself about being a Mistress or how you feel about a certain partner or a certain situation. Mistresses never question how they feel, they know 100% how they feel, and are willing to make the right decisions. If they feel uncomfortable, they will speak up or stop the problem. Again, this is showing yourself that you love yourself because you are putting your emotions, feeling, and safety first. Always assess each situation and if it isn’t right, don’t enter into it!

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Mistress Dede