Obedient sissies always make my day. These beautiful sentiments from sissy sarahdolly should serve as an inspiration to all sissies. Remember, you can share your thoughts and stories with me by emailing me at forcedfeminization@yahoo.com.
Mistress Dede
“Thank-You very very much for these beautiful inspiring words Mistress Dede.
Mistress Dede, thank-You for making me feel more comfortable about telling You my needs and The Hunger i live with, for the creamy Rewards from a horny kinky Man. It means a lot that You said “very beautiful” and, “My darling” too. 
Thank-You for understanding Mistress Dede. And Mistress Dede, Thank-You for permitting me to speak of my utter gayness. As You imagined those days of physical intimacies with a Woman, are very over for me now. 
i shivered and swooned when You told me You are watching me. Mistress Dede, i hope i can please You.
Mistress Dede, may i please comment about Your recent Instructions “Humiliation Assignments” #1 is a classic. i have taken Bovine Ovaries for over a year, to grow my gayboi boobies. Now, and before that, i take Pureraria Mirifica, both have helped. Both have made me appropriately and sensibly impotent.
Mistress Dede, Humiliation Assignment #2 – Mistress, i am fascinated about this possible aspect of Your sissy training. Mistress, i think You are an erotic genius to conceive this Assignment. i do not have Anyone i can beg to go tinkle. Mistress Dede, i do not fully understand why i keep returning to this Humiliation Assignment. i am trying to piece together some sense or reason why it is so erotic to me loosing my tinkle privileges. 
Dreaming of that kinky Dominant who would deny me emptying my bladder for several hours since my first glass of water and as many subsequent glasses demanded. After the first hour begging to be allowed to get into extra diapers and plastic panties. Knowing i cannot hold my tinkle for too much longer and so afraid of being seen having an accident or messing.
Mistress Dede, then i pretend a Man orders me to suck Him off and after He has cum so nice in my mouth, i must hold Him while He softens and His urge to pee approaches; “gayboi, seeing how badly you want to tinkle makes me want to pee too. My gayboi knows I always need to pee after I cum. Gently suck my cock again gayboi, DO NOT let Me out of your mouth”
Sometimes i dream He wears plastic underwear special for my feeding. Like in the picture below.
Mistress Dede, before starting this wonderful Humiliation Assignment, i rolled a texas catheter on, before my pink sissy chastity cage. By hour four of my tinkle denial i am begging to let me please slip a little hose to the catheter which i hold in my mouth. Mistress Dede, i would need to tinkle so badly that i would promise to drink two glasses an hour. And Mistress Dede, imagining the incredible embarrassment of having to beg and beg and beg to drink my own tinkle, hoping for any relief. 
Mistress Dede, sometimes i imagine sleeping with another gayboi and we each wear hood-panties each drinking the other’s gayboi tinkle all night long. our tummies and bladders are so so full we cannot stop tinkling and swallowing all night long.
Mistress Dede, i hope it was alright that i confess just how much Your Humiliation Assignment #2 will always mean to me.
Thank-You Mistress Dede