Hi Sissies,

I know how hard you have been training and I know that sometimes the going gets tough and you need a little inspiration to continue your feminization journey. That’s why from time to time I like to share these emails and letters I receive from sissies that, just like yourself, are undergoing the feminization process and working towards the ultimate goal of complete feminization. I hope you enjoy this letter and I hope it serves to inspire you and strengthen your faith in this beautiful process you are undergoing, which will ultimately lead to your true and utmost happinesss.


Mistress Dede

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Dear Mistress Dede,

I will give you my thoughts in bulk, even if they will seem disjointed or inconsistent.

I thought that entering the Sissy Academy is like “going into religion”. It is like entering a novitiate in a temple (yourself being the abbess, the prior, the mistress), and experiencing a period of preparation and formation, where the novices, the disciples are like malleable pasta of which you get the best or the best bread. You are with your disciples, as sculptor Pygmalion sculpting Galatea, so that it conforms to your desires.

You teach to subject yourself and Sissy a sexual Kamasutra, an intensive workout, which makes, your submissives (Sissies), even more feminine and submissive.

The priority of your submitted (Sissies) could be:

1) Make you happy,

2) Obey you, accept the tasks and exercises you have requested,

3) Trust you,

4) Do yourself a favour for you, do some work for you,

5) Sex change (no possibility of backtracking),

6) Vaginoplasty,

7) Possibly, mammectoplasty, to have big breasts,

8) hormonal,

9) Regularly fondling and kneading breasts, including nipples,

10) Regularly wear breast pumps on her breasts, the level of vacuum (pressure) is controlled by you,

11) Before the operation of vaginoplasty, wearing the chastity cage, during the day (if possible every day),

12) Always live with feminine clothes _ dress and Sissy outfits, even maids _, women’s underwear _ pantys, bra, stockings, …

13) Keep in itself, in his anus, plugs, part of the day. Accept that these plugs are of a larger diameter and longer and longer, over the days (the dilation of the anus must be maximum).

14) Accept to have his anus regularly penetrated by you,

15) After, vaginoplasty, accept into her vagina dildos, bigger and bigger, over time,

16) Accept to have her vagina regularly penetrated by you,

17) Accept that his sexuality is entirely controlled by you,

I began the experience of penetration of my anus by the big dildo suction cup. I took as a lubricant Biafine and I accepted my penetration smoothly (slowly at first). This time, it worked and it was nice (in French, said “it’s good”).

With hormone therapy and the wearing of breasts pumps, on her breasts, the sensitivity of the breasts is very nice (you want to caress your breasts.) It becomes addictive and that’s the reason, we want to to take hormones).

I have the impression that the simultaneous wearing, as long as possible 1) breast pumps, on her breasts, 2) a big plus in anus, 2) the chastity cage, provides a huge experience, a great pleasure.

If quality vaginoplasty is successful, I suppose this huge experience (of purely female sexuality) will be even greater.

A failure in spite of everything: wearing the chastity cage does not make me more chaste. A few days ago, I wore the chastity cage for a day, and my sexual excitement at the end of the day was so huge that I had to masturbate and this masturbation was like a huge release ( and a huge experience). I tried to keep my chastity cage all night, but impossible to sleep with her, I was forced to remove it around one thirty in the morning.

Another failure, despite taking the hormone, I still feel, not yet, spiritually, feminine (contrary to what the literature says that taking hormone will feminize your mind).

It is true that there is a mixture of dominant and submissive spirit in me, and I find it difficult to reduce the dominant part of my character. I would not be the best candidate, as a submissive and Sissy (for you).

I hope this text will have amused you or distracted you.

Good afternoon,