Acting like a real woman can sometimes be difficult and even frightening. However, eventually, it will come natural to you. If you are planning on truly committing to your new lifestyle, you will need to learn how to stand like a woman would, sit like a woman would, and even have the proper hand movements and walk that a true woman would. Practice and perseverance will prevail over time.

  • Standing/Sitting: When standing and sitting, you should always have slow, meaningful gestures. Move with grace and confidence but without distracting from anything else going on in the room. When sitting, your knees should always be together. If you would like to cross your legs, do it in one fluid motion and end with your ankles touching. When wearing a skirt or dress, be sure to properly tuck it under your behind before sitting. 
  • Hand Gestures/ Movement: Women tend to talk with their hands a lot. Try utilizing your hands when you speak. Lightly touch your chest or play with your hair when you are listening. When you are trying to convey a point, put your hand lightly on top of theirs and make direct eye contact. Remember, all movements should be graceful and delicate.
  • Walking: Women walk lightly on the ball of their feet instead of the heel. Walking heel to toe in a gentle and delicate manner will ensure that you are walking in a more feminine manner. Avoid stomping or walking loudly in any situation. Never act as if you are in a rush. Instead, take everything nice and slow.

Check out Sissy Feminization Academy: Femme Fabulous Part I to learn more. You can also listen to the training in audiobook format.


Mistress Dede