Happy Thanksgiving Sissies!

Today is a great day to be thankful for the great things that are currently in your life as well as for your dedication throughout the year to become a beautiful sissy. It is also a good time to start making New Year resolutions and be determined in your main sissy goals which should include:

  • Coming to terms with the fact that your purpose in life is as a sissy maid and completely given up on the idea of being a real man.
  • Being smooth and sexy, as in hairless.
  • Wearing bras, panties, high heels and lingerie every chance you get.
  • Locking up your dick and experiencing benefits of long term orgasm denial.
  • Losing weight in order  to be the best looking sissy you can be.
  • Take every opportunity to improve on your makeup skills.
  • Training your mouth and ass to properly service a dick.
  • Lastly, letting go of the need and desire to be a man any longer

As a reminder, I invite you to purchase this cock-worshipping necklace you are to wear around your neck from now on. It will remind you that it is your goal to service them as yours remains locked up and it’s no longer of any use. Get your necklace HERE, start wearing it daily and post a picture of yourself wearing it below this post once you receive it. It will serve as a confirmation to the world that you are now a cock-worshipping sissy.

Happy Thanksgiving Sissy!

Mistress Dede