Being a sissy is one of the greatest, most fun things that could happen to any man. But, have you ever gotten pushed into those pink dreams when you necessarily where not expecting it? Check out this sissy’s story! Remember you can share your own with me by emailing me at
“Mistress Dede,
     i thought you may enjoy this true story.  my now Ex-Wife/Mistress caught me naked fresh out of the shower, and i was peeking out the front door to see if anyone was outside.  She quietly came up behind me and shoved me out the front door naked.  She made me step off the porch into the yard under the threat She would lock the door and leave me outside until dark!   She stepped away and when She came back, She threw out to me a pair of pink lace, frilly panties and some fishnet hose and a pink bra that matched the panties She had me buy a week before, (and i had to tell the saleslady they were for me)!  She left the door again, giving me time to put those on….(i think She timed this to when the black female letter carrier would be coming by)….the mail carrier did come by, saw me, waved and blew her horn, making me afraid more neighbors would look out!!!  Meanwhile
my Ex came back with a Very short skirt, and a tube-top and a pair of heels!!!  Then She threw out my car key and gave me my instructions for the afternoon!!!   She had one of Her girlfriends on the cell phone and both were laughing at my situation….(She took a few pix and sent them out to Her G/F, just to make sure She was sure it was true)….together they decided to send me to the local version of  “Lane Bryant’s”, and directed me to go there and buy me a sexy black lace nightie, & make sure to ask for it to be in my size!!!   i was also to buy some big, pink, fluffy slippers!!!  There were three salesladies there when i arrived and four lady customers!!!  i am guessing from their response, my Ex had called ahead to tell them i was coming!!!  Two of the ladies began helping me as they all giggled and stopped what they were doing to watch me as i shopped!!!  It was at the end of a strip-mall, so i was told to park at the other end, and walk past all the other stores on my way…including the Southeastern Meats store that i shop at!!!   The ladies kept suggesting other things for me.  i ended up spending over $100 on all the sissy clothes!!!  By the time i got home, two of my Exes girlfriends were there waiting for me to model what i bought!!!!  i was humiliated, but very excited as well!!!  They all loved that i had taken all the panty suggestions the salesladies had pointed out would be Just SOOO cute on me!!!  Oh, btw, i haven’t been passable since i turned 30, so it was more than clear that i was a “male”, even with the wig and clothing i was wearing!!!  “