This is a beautiful introduction from one of the students at the Sissy Academy. If you haven’t yet started your sissy training, you should apply to the Sissy Academy Training program. While enrollment is very select and not guaranteed, you should make all available efforts to further your feminization training and achieve your ultimate goal of complete feminization. I hope to interact with you in the future as one of my beautiful sissy students. In the meantime, check out this beautiful introduction from Crystal, one of the Academy trainees.

Hello, Mistress Dede, my feminine name is Crystal and I come from Republic of China (Taiwan).To be frank, I’m a senior in Taiwan University majoring in intellectual manufacturing and my Chinese name is Zhong Xuan. Nice to be in touch with you and enroll in your academy.

I have always been dreaming of dressing and living like a female ever since I moved into puberty. Bras and panties fascinate me so much that I made my first attempt of sissification in 2008—I put on the bras of my mother. At first, I just put on the bras in sleep—I din’t know that I had to buckle it up in the back! Quite amusing, right? But it felt great. A few days later, I tried to go to school in bras. At first nothing went wrong. However, several days later, my father found the secret. Quite terrible, indeed, as he came up to me to make sure that I was properly dressed.

Later I made several other attempts aimed at wearing the sexy panties of my mother. However, she kept alert and I was caught red-handed several times. I even stole some panties from my aunt, because she is younger and more fashionable. I remembered clearly that the first panty I stole was semi-transparent decorated by rose patterns. The second one is even more sexy.

I even ejaculated wearing the second one. And it is my first time to ejaculate!

I didn’t go very far that time, as I didn’t have my own money and was under the strict supervision of my parents. In junior high school and senior high school, my sissification made no progress as life was quite stressful(common in East Asia). But it is in junior high school that I came across the art of shibari and I fell in love with it instantly , though I have never experienced it till now. By the chance I came to know BDSM and found that the combination between BDSM and sissification is marvelous! That’s why your training program excites me!

Things changed greatly after I entered university. Being away from parents’ supervision for the first time, I began wearing female garments daily. Firstly, I bought a set of cute-looking panties which contrasted sharply with my original dull male underwear. It felt brilliant in panties! From then on , I wear panties 24/7. Secondly, I acquired several bralettes, as the rim of a bra hurts me. It struck me that bralettes are just so comfortable to wear and it feels like someone is embracing you, especially in winter. However, wearing bralettes in summer may be found by others so I only wear them from late autumn to early spring.

Of course I didn’t stop there. I purchased some blouses and replaced my shirts. Female garments are just so attractive! I also wear some neutral-looking female windbreakers. And my classmates welcomed it without knowing that they are female garments! These windbreakers are just so well designed! Now, wearing female garments has become an indispensable part of my life and it gives me confidence.

I also begin to shave my private parts this summer. I feel that I came under a huge transformation after completion!

However, I also came into some trouble making progress. I ordered a chastity belt from a craftsman but it has not been completed yet. I have no way learning how to sissify my voice though many of my classmates said that my voice resembles a female’s. I do not have a girlfriend and it may be difficult to find a girl who is willing to be my mistress and turn me into a panty-wearing bitch. And as I live in dormitory, I just cannot lock up the restroom and report to a mistress before reliving myself—all of my roommates use the restroom and I cannot find a friend to report to either. There is no space for high heels. I tried applying makeup earlier this year, but it seems that I have to polish up my skills further. I hope I can wear makeup daily as if it were an integral part of my life.

Ok, and I have purchased a pair of female leather shoes recently which is a little smaller than my feet. The picture is sent along with this self introduction. I hope I can make more progress in my sissification under your guidance. Thank you very much!