Have you always liked dressing up like a woman for as long as you could remember? Does dressing up in women’s clothes and putting on women’s shoes makes you feel light…as if all your stress has just melted away? You know you are not gay…but have you have always fantasized about dressing up and passing of as a woman in public?
If your answer is yes, you are definitely a cross-dresser. But does that mean there is something wrong with you? No, not at all!
There are many cross-dressers who have been happily married and have had successful careers. They have their own children and are quite happy to be who they are. Being in touch with your feminine side is pretty normal. Exploring your feminine side…there is nothing wrong with that.
In the past, we girls found it difficult to know about how we could become a successful cross-dresser. Of course, your fantasies are a useful guide…but to actually practice them in the real world…you need help.
Many new gals also think…it’s too late for me…I am too old to start now…I look hideous in women’s clothes…I have no idea what looks good on me…I will never be able to pass off as a woman… and the doubts just build up one after the other. So, you just give up! Well, don’t! Mistress Dede is here to help you out!
What do you think this training is all about? It is to help you all new gals learn to explore your feminine side. It’s about helping you choose the right clothes, the right shoes, the right jewelry, the right make-up. It’s about allowing you to explore the advantages of cross-dressing. So, let’s get started!