Completing this sissy task will prove your devotion to your Mistress and will show her you are sincere about your sissy training. This sissy training task is to help your Mistress to mold you into the perfect little sissy that she is looking for. If she at any time is not satisfied with the completion of these tasks or your training in general, she will be forced to come up with something more difficult and demeaning to punish you with.

Today you will be practicing cumming on demand for your Mistress. You are to get a stopwatch and time yourself. You will have exactly 10 minutes to cum from the moment you begin touching yourself. Do not start the clock unless you are completely flaccid. You will do this three times a day for the next several weeks. When you have successfully cum within 10 minutes, you will set the clock for 9 minutes. Each time you are able to complete the time limit you will lower it by a minute until you are able to cum on demand in two minutes flat.

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Mistress Dede