Having baby smooth skin is no longer a dream. Many of you write in with a very common concern: How can I look feminine if I have stubborn hair growing all over my face and body? I completely understand. Yet, you must use exactly the right products if you want to achieve the best results.

When it comes to hair removal, there are several options you can choose from: shaving, waxing or permanent hair removal options. Shaving can actually strengthen hair and make it grow faster. Waxing is messy and can be rather painful. So, permanent hair removal options can deliver more lasting results and smoother skin without the visible stubble and annoying hair regrowth.

Check out this laser removal machine which can leave your skin sexy smooth and has been used successfully by thousands of sissies and crossdressers. Remember, your feminization goes beyond just buying the right clothes or wearing the right makeup. Skin care and beauty routines should be incorporated into your feminization goals so you can look your best and achieve your ultimate dream.

Take the picture below as inspiration. When you have done your laser treatment, your legs will look like that.


Mistress Dede

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Smooth Sissy Legs

Laser Hair Removal