Bondage is a form of trust that is established between dominate and submissive. It is the act of restraining a submissive via tying, roping, strapping, and inhibiting movement in some way. Blindfolding and gagging are common practice with bondage since it adds to the helplessness of the partner. The attractive part of bondage to a dominant is they get to be the captor and the hero that frees. Many subs enjoy the dependence required to perform the act. Many also fantasize about forced sexual situations while bondage takes place. Role play during bondage can be very intriguing and exciting.

If you choose to use a rope, choose carefully. Not any rope will do. Nylon rope allows for good enough knots and a softer feel and doesn’t kill your wallet. Organic handmade hemp rope is super expensive but the best option by far. It feels like silk and holds a knot with no questions. Prior to play make sure that you cut and seal the rope ends.

There are so many knots to choose from, you do not need to be a boy scout just learn some simple ones that will hold. Bondage takes many scenes to master so don’t give up if you have an awkward or failed attempt. There are numerous positions that a person can be bound in. Try a less exposing position and gradually work your way up to complete the hogtie and spread eagle.

Some people prefer braces, cuffs, and belts to be used as bonds. If that is the case make sure that the clasps are placed comfortably and they aren’t poking out and becoming a sharp.

Bondage can be seen in many ways. Handcuffs are still an item that is purchased regularly proving that many couples start somewhere.

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Mistress Dede