What is Forced Feminization?

Want to be dominated?

Want to be dominated?

A dominant person forcing a male into adopting a passive and submissive feminine role; this is the basic premise of a forced feminization fantasy.

So, you are a man who has a fantasy of dressing up like a woman and behaving and being treated like her. You are dying to dress up in female attire, but your fantasy also involves being forced into being feminine. So, your fantasy is about your wife or your male partner punishing you for something you did (or didn’t do; it is role-playing, after all). The punishment is about being and acting like a female.

Your partner punishes you by making you dress up like a school girl. You don’t want to be a female so you beg and plead to them not to subject you to this painful punishment. But your partner forces you to dress up like a female, wear makeup, do all the household jobs, and be a slave to him or her.

This is what forced feminization is all about. It can be a part of a submissive/dominant relationship or bondage relationship. Here, you, the male, act as if you are being made to be feminine against your will. But the truth is that you are a willing partner and it is your sexual fantasy to be treated like this.
So, here is a question that may just crop up in your mind here. Why would any male enjoy this forced feminization? Well, it’s all related to the guilt about having female tendencies. Society doesn’t accept a man who has feminine tendencies. It’s considered to be wrong. You can’t dress up like a woman. You can’t act like a woman. How dare you like makeup? You are a man!

These beliefs tend to instill shame and embarrassment in these men. They may even feel upset and anxious about this. It gives them pleasure, but they feel embarrassed about it.
In forced feminization, a man can help release this shame. He is not being feminine of his own free will. He is being forced into being feminine. So, there is no shame and they can still enjoy being a female.

In a forced-feminization role-play, the male actually requests to be treated like this. The person playing the role of the dominant partner just acts out to fulfill the fantasy of the person. Men may like to be humiliated by being whipped or being called a sissy. They may like to be forced to wear breasts and wear makeup. Different men have their own fetishes and fantasies.

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