The Sissy Panties Guide

The Sissy Panties Guide

The Sissy Panties Guide

Although many are the components of a sissy boy’s lifestyle, I would dare say that wearing panties constitutes one of the most important parts of embracing feminization. Wearing panties constitutes a daily reminder of your femininity and the role that you must play as a sissy boy. In addition, for those of you already familiar with this feminine undergarment, you will agree that there is something extremely sensual and erotic about feeling the soft caress of satin or lace panties rubbing against your private parts.

As a sissy trainer, every time I need to enslave a sissy, replacing all underwear for frilly, sensual, pink-colored panties is always one of my very first steps that I take. And, thus, in celebration and honor of this practice, I have decided to put together this simple Sissy Panties Guide so that those of you who have yet to embrace wearing feminine garments can become a little bit more familiar with the choices that you have and learn the sassy, sexy and extremely sensual looks that can be easily achieved by adding panties to your daily sissy wardrobe and feminization routine.

So, I invite you to enjoy this Sissy Panties Guide and I sincerely hope that it encourages you to become more sassy, sexy and feminine. Also, check out the sissy panties store to pick out a sexy pair of sissy panties today! Here are some of my favorite styles:

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I wish you much success in your feminization journey and, above all, remember always to have fun!


Mistress Dede