Sissy Shopping Assignments

Sissy Shopping Assignments for Sissy Boys

Sissy Shopping Assignments for Sissy Boys

To prove your devotion to your Mistress you must first go through a process proving your worth to her. This will start with you completing the sissy shopping tasks found in this book. They will slowly take away your manhood and mold you into the proper sissy slave your Mistress desires. Following these tasks will teach you everything your Mistress needs to know about whether or not you will be a proper little sissy. You will be taught everything you need to know to please your Mistress and make your transition into sissification complete.

Here is your first shopping assignment:

Today you will be purchasing you first and most important piece of your sissy costume. For this assignment you will need to head to the mall. Once there, you will go into a lingerie store of your choosing and find the perfect pair of pink satin panties. You will need to take your time for this task. Pick many styles up and feel the fabric and hold them to your waist. This is very important that you find the perfect pair that speaks to you. When holding them to your waist they should touch both sides of your hips without any pull. You may need to get a size bigger to accommodate your disgusting man parts. Do not skimp on price. These panties are an investment towards your sissy training.

Download the rest of the assignments and comment below to let me know how you did!