Practice your feminization affirmations

Practice for Feminization Affirmations

Practice for Feminization Affirmations

Male to female transformation has always been somewhat of a confusing subject. Yet, for those men who are embarking on a feminization journey or those who embrace feminization fantasies, the need for this transformation is very real. I believe that you should have the tools at your disposal to accomplish your goals and realize your dreams. That’s why I wrote Feminization Affirmations for Sissy Boys.

Transforming yourself into the sexy, confident, beautiful woman you feel that you are meant to be requires patience, consistency and a strong desire to succeed. This is where feminization self-affirmations come in. Positive affirmations or self-affirmations were first popularized by Emile Coué and date back to the 1920s. If repeated overtime, positive self-statements will convince the individual of the truthfulness of the statements by reinforcing certain chemical pathways in the brain and conditioning the subconscious mind.

As a result, using self-affirmations as part of your feminization training can be a powerful tool to assist you in achieving your male to female transformation. Just remember, as with any new habit, self-affirmations must be practiced regularly However, with some dedication on your part, you will surely see some wonderful results!

Practice your feminization affirmations:

I become more attractive to men when I act more submissive
Being submissive makes me happy
I must completely eliminate my male ego
Because I am a woman, it is normal that I always act like a woman
My thoughts are those of a woman
I enjoy coloring my hair
I enjoy putting on makeup

Download the rest of these feminization affirmations and remember, practice makes perfect!