New Sissy Maid Assignments

Sissy Maid Assignments

Sissy Maid Assignments

For your first sissy maid cleaning task you will be dusting your entire home. This is a task that should be done at least once a week. Get your sissy maid uniform on and your pretty little feather duster. You are to work each room from top to bottom in a clockwise direction so that you do not miss a single speck of dust. All items and nick knacks should be picked up and wiped with a warm damp rag before replacing the item to its rightful place. After you have finished dusting in a room you will need to run the vacuum to collect any dirt and grime that may have fallen to the floor.

Your next sissy maid assignment will be cleaning all the mirrors in your home. It is important to show your guests as well as your Mistress your dedication to your housework and this is a great way to do it. You will not need a full sissy maid uniform for this task. Instead do your work in a pretty bra and pantie set and your best high heels. Take a small container with an equal mixture of vinegar and water and begin rubbing it onto the mirror with newspapers in small circles. After your layer of vinegar and water has washed away all of the gunk you can now begin to dry your mirror with fresh newspapers and buffing out any water stains or streaks.

For this sissy maid task you will be painting an accent wall. Before going to the hardware store put on your frilly satin panties underneath your clothing. Take your time looking at paint samples and find something that is nice and girly. When you get home you will decide on a wall that you will see often. Move any light furniture around and begin taping the edges, and ceiling of the wall. You are to then paint several coats of your new pretty color. From now on when you look at this wall you will be reminded that you are a proper little sissy boi.

Download the rest of these fun sissy maid assignments to complete them all for your Mistress and comment below to let me know how you did! Now get to work sissy!