New Sissy Assignments

Sissy Assignments 2

Sissy Assignments 2

A real sissy boi must move past simple self-interest and become more interested in what his Mistress desires of him instead. These tasks are meant to help you move into the next step in your sissy boi training and you are required to follow them to the letter. A real sissy boi would do anything to please his Mistress and feel an actual fear of disappointing her. Prove to your Mistress that you are completely dedicated to your progress.

Some of these sissy boi tasks will be more difficult than others but each one is geared to touch on a different part of your sissy training. Following these tasks and by giving your Mistress a progress report at the completion of each as well as a full report when finished with all 25 assignments will help her better guide you where she wants you to go next in your training.

Let’s get started with today’s sissy assignments:

Today you will need to put on your frilly sissy panties before heading out on a walk. You will need to approach at least ten different women before this sissy training assignment is over. You will be stopping each woman and telling them that you really like an item that they are wearing. This can be anything from their shoes, jewelry, top, dress, or even haircut. You will then proceed to ask said woman where she got it. Whatever the item is, it should be a feminine item.

For your next task you will begin wearing a corset to help make that waist less manly. You will need to measure your waist and purchase a corset that is two inches smaller than what you are now. Over time this will help make your waistline slimmer and generally more feminine shaped. When you go to bed at night you will begin binding yourself in a corset. You will do this for the first week. The second week you will begin wearing your corset for several hours throughout the day. This will also help you move in a more effeminate way. Remember a corset is not meant to be pleasant to wear but is intended to make you look and feel more like a real woman.

Download the rest of these sissy assignments to complete all 25 of them and comment below to let me know how you did!